My sister had a playdate or something about a month ago. One of the other parents saw the birthday shots I had taken of my niece that my dear, sweet, sister has on the wall in her entryway. Thisother mom, Corinne, was looking for someone budget-friendly to take some pictures of her own kids so she asked my sister about the pictures. My darling sister, who gave Corrine my name and number! Is there anything more awesome than word of mouth business?!?!

Corinne called me up and asked me my rates and availability. I did a silent little dance as I gave her all the information. I hadn’t had a paying photo gig in a month or two and had been trying so hard to pray on it and not get discouraged. Once again, the power of being positive and asking for guidance came through for me! I am so very blessed! But back to Corinne. She chose a date for the following week and we hung up. I continued dancing around my apartment, because I’m a bit of a dork that way. Just in case you hadn’t figured that out yet reading this blog. Anyway, the shoot was actually very easy, her daughter was very cooperative and adorable. We even managed a few shots with their chocolate lab, Sweetie, in them.

Corinne, bless her heart, posted one of the pictures—with my permission, of course—of her daughter and Sweetie on social media. A friend of hers named Pat, the proud mother to two dogs, decided she wanted photos of her pups as a birthday present for herself. So she asked for my info from Corinne, who very graciously passed it along. Pat got in touch with me and asked if an all-dog shoot was something I was interested in. I was completely honest with her that I don’t have a lot of experience with just animals, but that I would be willing to give it a try. I told her that if the shoot didn’t work out or if she hated the final results, I wouldn’t charge her. Since she had nothing to lose, Pat agreed to schedule me a few days later.

The dogs were two of the most beautiful Dalmatians I have ever come across. They were remarkably well trained and listened to Pat for the whole shoot. Although it was kind of a weird shoot, I ended up having a lot of fun with the dogs and got a couple shots that Pat really liked. It turned out that Pat also runs a 4-H group and she hired me—on the spot, people—to take some photos of their entries into an upcoming 4-H competition for their website and newsletter. I said, sure, why not? So we set a date for that, too.

Can you believe it? One little conversation between my sister and a friend netted me three paying jobs (and counting)! Who knows where this could lead for me?