Whether you’re a professional photographer, a proud parent, or a vacation shutterbug, I bet you have lots of photos. If they’re all digital, sitting on a hard drive somewhere, they are just waiting to get wiped out with a virus or computer failure. Even the ones you print and put into a photo album or make into a photo book probably don’t get looked at all that often. There are photo sites out there that will put a picture on just about anything, and that’s awesome for gifts and keepsakes. But what if you want something more changeable?

Gathering related photos, framing, and then hanging them is a nice solution. An evenly spaced group of photographs in matching frames looks gorgeous and very art gallery-eque. It adds instant class to every photo you display. If you’re a little more quirky, you can get several frames that are different but have something in common—maybe they’re all silver but different sizes, maybe they’re all the same size but different shapes, maybe all the photos are from a specific event, or they’re all in black and white. This way they still look like they belong together. And because a print, even a decent sized one, is much more budget friendly than some of the stuff you can do at a photo site, the best part is that you can change out the pictures however often you want!

I don’t know about you but it can be a huge pain for me to pull picture frames off the wall, open them up, put a new picture in, and then try to get it back up on the wall without leaving scuff marks everywhere from all the attempts I have to make to get it hung straight and actually on the nail. That could be me and my short girl problems, but I’ve always looked for ways around the frame dilemma. Instead, I hung somefishing line on the wall above my living room couch. Then I painted some wooden clothespins and use them to hang photos from the wire. Above my desk are a few binder clips hung from push pins, and I display photos there. I like the way it coordinates with my “office”. In my bedroom, I bought a pretty curtain rod and mounted it to the wall, not a window, using the hardware it came with. Then I bought pretty ribbon, cut it and hung it, evenly spaced, along the rod. Then I used safety pins to attach photos down the length of the ribbon—I hot glued bows to the safety pins first so you don’t see the pins. I like all of these because I can take things down whenever I want and change it out every week if I want to. It only takes me a few minutes and other than the pictures, nothingactually comes down off the wall.

Something struck you enough to take a picture of a moment in time; a place, a person, an interesting event or object. Be proud. Take it off that hard drive or out of the album and display it proudly!