My mom was pretty clear that any of my photos that go up in the restaurant have to match the décor. I can’t really argue with her about it—if I lose, she will probably tell me that I can’t sell anything at the restaurant anymore. It has made finding frames a little tricky, but then I accidentally stumbled on a solution.

The local craft store had a huge sale on frames. Everything was so cheap that I could afford to buy a whole bunch. They were all different styles and sizes, which meant I could show off different elements of my photos. The only problem was that they were also a bunch of different colors, not all of which go with my parents’ cheery Americana décor. I dug around for a while to find things that would work and was about to give up when I remembered where I was: a craft store. You know what else they sell? PAINT.

My original plan was to paint all the frames by hand one color that would match what my parents already had. I bought a brush, a matching paint color, and a cartful of frames. My dad was at the podium when I went to the restaurant on the way home just to verify the paint was the right color. I told him all about my idea, and he said that painting it all by hand would probably take a long time. I said something silly then, something along the lines of, “Tell me something I don’t already know, Dad!” And then, because he’s Dad, he did. He told me he had airless paint sprayer back at the house from when he painted the outside of the restaurant last year. I had forgotten all about it. He promised to set it all up for me later on after his shift. I wasn’t scheduled to work at all that day, so I dropped everything off at the house and went home for a nap until dinnertime.

True to his word, Dad had everything ready in the garage when I went back to the house. We took the glass out of all the frames and put them down on a drop cloth. We opened the windows in the garage to help with the fumes, and then my dad showed me what to do with the sprayer. It wasn’t the neatest way to paint everything—I could see why this was a great investment for him, painting the whole exterior of the restaurant—but we definitely got everything coated pretty fast. While it dried, Dad showed me how to flush the sprayer out so it would be clean and ready for the next project.

Now I have 37 frames, all in the same color, and just waiting for pictures! A little DIY today and a lot blessed!