It scares me to think that my parents might not be around forever. They have worked hard their whole lives, and we can see now that it is starting to take its toll on both of them. I know my siblings are concerned too, especially because my sister Danni came to me last week and said that Mom was complaining that her legs were sore and tired from working at the restaurant all day.

I know we all pitch in as much as we can, and our parents have always been fine with that. They have always encouraged us to have our own lives; they repeatedly tell us that if we don’t want to continue the business when they are ready to retire, they would just sell the restaurant. My brothers and my sister have been pretty adamant that they’re going to keep it, they’re going to keep it a family business, and they’re going to do their best to continue down the path that mom and dad started. I’ve always been the only one on the fence about whether or not I wanted to stay there, but I think even when I become a famous photographer, I’ll probably still work there at least once a week if not more. I mean honestly, it’s the only time I’ll get to see my family.

But my sister was really concerned the other day when she said that Mom seems to be dragging a little bit, and she’s been complaining about pain in her legs when she has hostess duty and things like that. We sat around for a bit and tried to think of ways that we can make her more comfortable. She will not cut back on her hours, and she will not delegate very much. We have already tried that angle. I think she’s in as much denial as we are about how old she is.

I ended up going online and poking around because the two of us weren’t getting anywhere. The only thing that I could find was a recommendation from a nursing site, of all places, about compression socks. so I looked into it a little bit and it seems that they could help with tired or heavy legs and aching feet so I brought it up to my sister and she agreed that it was at least worth a shot.

Then we had to come up with a plan to get her to wear them without making it seem like we thought that there was something wrong or that we’ve gone behind her back and had the nerve to have a discussion about her health. We finally came up with the idea that Danni was going to have to purchase some for herself, then wear them around the restaurant for a couple of days. Each day, she’ll mention to Mom about how great she felt. Then Danni will offer to get a pair to mom, and she will say, “These have been working so great for me, why don’t you give these a try?”

The compression socks should come tomorrow; we’ll see how it goes.