Oh my goodness, y’all. This was a crazy weekend! It’s a true Miracle the way it all turned out! I’m getting ahead of myself, though, aren’t I? I do that sometimes. I should start from the beginning.

My oldest brother, David, was going to take the kids and Max, the family dog, to the park on Saturday, and Max jumped out of the car window at a stop sign. His eight-year-old, Melanie, about lost her mind. She unbuckled her belt and hopped out of the car, too. Now my brother is at the stop sign with cars behind him, a dog running down the street, a desperate little girl haulin’ it after him, and one car door is hanging open. Since I know how the story ends, I’d have loved to have seen his face.

Anyway, he had to get out of the car to close the door before he could drive ahead to catch up with either of them. He managed to catch up to Melanie, who was standing at an intersection two blocks away and sobbing her little heart out. Max had run into the woods across the street and disappeared. They tried to find Max, but he was nowhere to be found.

I got a phone call while they were searching because my brother knew I had digital pictures of the kids with Max. He asked me to put something on Facebook and also to print up some flyers. Since I was at the restaurant at the time, Mom let me take a break so I could use their office computer and printer to make up the flyers. I had them done in record time and then I drove out to meet up with him and the kids. I took little Jack with me; he held the flyers, and I took them and used the staple gun to put them on to every telephone pole I could find around where Max had jumped out of the car. My brother and Melanie went door to door with some more flyers.

We all came up empty-handed, though, and it started to get dark. Everyone reluctantly went back to my brother’s house, and I checked Facebook to see if anyone had reported a Max sighting. My brother called Animal Control. We both looked at each other afterward: no sign of Max. Melanie wouldn’t even eat dinner, she was so sad about Max. We all said a prayer for his safety and prayed that he would find his way home.

Right as my sister-in-law was tucking Jack into bed, the phone rang. Melanie answered it, and it was someone calling to say that they’d found Max! We all piled in the car and went to get him. Nearly ten hours after he’d gone missing, Max was on his way home! Do I even have to tell you that we rode with the A/C on so the windows could remain all the way up? Melanie kept her arms around Max’s neck the whole ride.

Yesterday, Eric went around and pulled down all the flyers. I am so glad this tale had a happy ending!