I consider myself a lucky person but sometimes things just don’t go in your favor. I hope this won’t happen often, but it did once to my great regret. I tend to be rather busy at my various jobs, especially photography, so I don’t always have time to socialize. My sister says I don’t stop and smell the roses so to speak. I don’t appreciate the good life. She said she wanted to set me up on a blind date so I would get out of my shell and I let her with some trepidation. We put it off for a few weeks but then she broke me down and I acquiesced. I was to go on a date to the river and would rent a 2 person inflatable kayak. I like the inflatable models because they are easy to tote and store. They aren’t as heavy as the hard plastic ones or even the wood type. Fancy isn’t always better. The new inflatables are colorful and durable made of indestructible materials. You can inflate them quickly and deflate them after use just as fast.

So much for the kayak. What about the date? It got off to a pretty good start when we had lunch at the river’s edge. After an hour we decided to get into the kayak and float or row downstream. We talked idly in the noonday sun. But yikes, water started to get into it. The kayak had a hole and therefore a progressive leak. Something had punctured it. We rowed wildly to get back to shore where the car was parked. We barely made it. We had hardly gotten on the water when this happened. It put a real damper on the date which never got off the ground any more than the kayak. You could call it blind date disaster. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. The good inflatable kayaks are not supposed to leak. Did someone sabotage mine? I don’t have true enemies so why would this come to mind? Maybe it got damaged in transport. I’ll never know. Eventually I had it repaired and it was good as new but I was afraid to ask the date to come along in fear of another embarrassment.

My sister was aghast at the failure of her handiwork and she insisted I try again. She said she could find another person. I thought about the initial moments of the river date and they were pretty good. I didn’t really need to cast this woman aside. I certainly could try again but doing something different like dinner and a movie. Would she say no? Luck was in my favor as it often is and she said yes. This time the outcome was totally positive. We got along well and found we had a lot in common. Dinner was the time when we found this out. She said, “when are we going out on the kayak?” and I laughed.