As a photographer, I look for freelance jobs of any type. It could be a wedding, a special event, a celebrity’s appearance, or documentation of some sort. I am not immune to the needs of my family and when they want photos, I am there without fail. For example, my brother recently put in an above ground pool and had an inaugural party. He wanted photos of the guest who came for backyard swimming fun.

People were in high spirits and I joined in as I took candid shots of everyone. It was a big deal for my brother to get a pool after all these years. He was going to get a portable one, but succumbed to the call of the real thing. It has a heater, side rails, jacuzzi jets, and attachable trays to stow drinks and food. It is a beauty. I took pictures of the pool and then with people in it to show how it attracts bystanders. Colorful towels were strewn about the adjacent lawns. A beautiful blue sky topped it all off. The water of the pool, limpid and clear, reflected the glorious heavens above. It made for great photos. I wanted a real-life experience as children gamboled about and dove in.

There was a bit of splashing going on and the kids were annoying the adults. This included me who was trying to avoid getting water on my equipment. Next time, I will have to take care of that. I never water-proofed my camera before as it wasn’t necessary. Little did I know! You can get a protective cover for most any size and make of camera. Only a bit of lens is exposed and they are already water proofed. I continued on, even as my pants were getting wet. I didn’t want to discourage the children as they made for really fun shots.

I also got the adults enjoying the barbecue. Food is always a big draw for people. The smoke from the grill was captured on camera. It has great resolution. I took pictures of my brother in his big chef’s hat and all the hungry souls gathering around. “I want well done” and “I want rare” populated the area. He matched their requests as I clicked away. Some people ignored me and some mugged for the camera. I had a good selection of photos and could later eliminate the bad ones where people made faces or odd gestures.

My brother put the photos on his Facebook page and got many posts in response. People who were his “friends” said they wanted to be invited over to enjoy the pool. “Pick a warm day, please” they all exclaimed. He was game to have another pool party in the near future. The last one had been such a success. After all, that’s why he put in the expensive above-ground pool in the first place. It wasn’t for him alone.